Beings of Superior Strength and Inconceivable Courage

As the suns and moons pass by it seems this world has become saturated with a heavy darkness. I have never seen so much hatred, greed, and anger spreading like the plague through the blood vessels of humanity.

The light and peace I once knew seem to be fading away much like fall fades into a dark, cold, and harsh winter. But in the presence of so much darkness, I have promised myself I will not give up on our world. 

This darkness wants us to be afraid, weary, incapable, and weak. What the darkness doesn’t expect is for us to rise above and to become beings of superior strength and inconceivable courage. 

A great teacher once told me that embracing light and positive energy is far more powerful than the realms of despair, negativity, and doubt. 

The light I carry within can never be extinguished for it is stronger than the ugliest and darkest of forces combined. I stand firmly on this ground for my spirit cannot be disabled nor destroyed. 

Until my heart beats no more, may my light shine brightly and courageously into the shadows and valleys of darkness, I am not afraid. 

© Nikki Lii Rivera