Love, Determination, and Gratitude

Love, Determination, and Gratitude

Love is powerful beyond measure. Loving others and loving ourselves, deeply. Love is powerful, far more powerful than hatred, anger and pessimism. Let those things go.

Determination is this unwillingness to give up. To be determined to succeed despite setback after setback. To rise above and beyond temporary circumstances. Determination prompts us to accept challenge not defeat. Get up. Open your heart (the thing that you have closed off to yourself and the world). Let love in and let it heal you. Then share it. This love is unlimited. Love is infinite, if you choose to accept it.

Gratitude in all that is. May be we be thankful for even the most difficult of things among our journey here. For every storm there is a lesson. Let us express gratitude to one another.

In these may we find peace. May we find hope. May we find strength to awaken with a new day and to find that spark within us, just waiting to be reignited.

© Nikki Lii Rivera